Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Weekend Blogger

As I approach my 100th post - I think this is #82 - I have been thinking a bit about my little blog.  I think I am mostly writing to myself, my kids, and a few dear kind souls who have become followers, and I am thinking about the fate of this foray into blogdom.  I really want to contribute something to the quilt/craft world.  There are so many talented folks out there who have shared so much with me on their blogs, and I would kind of like to give something back.  The blog is also a diary of sorts of what I've been working on and accomplished.  And it's a fun way to record my swapping "sents" and "receiveds".

But I have realized one thing...  I am primarily a weekend blogger.  I work 40+ hours a week.  And by the time I get home, I am often too exhausted to craft/quilt/sew.  It's a sad thing, but true.  

So, if you are one of the kind souls who actually read this, check back on Mondays.  It's likely there'll be something new.

And watch for something fun on post #100.

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  1. I use google reader so I get your post almost as soon as you post them!
    My feelings toward my blog are very similar to yours, it is a bit of a diary and I would love to give back to the creative blog community. My dream is to do some tutorials and inspire others! One day!


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