Thursday, March 24, 2011

Didn't I Tell You

I've been meaning to write this post for days now, and I can't believe I've been such a slacker.  I received this great package in the Urban Home Goods Flickr Swap.  I asked for something to keep me organized.  My sewing area is a VERY small space with LOTS of stuff in it.  When I am in a creative mood, stuff goes everywhere, and truly, there aren't many places for it to go.  I do try to keep the floor picked up since it is a walkway, but even that is often a struggle.

Etoile2B made me these lovely items for the UHG swap.  The pincushion caddy has been oh-so-popular in this swap and another that I am in and I have been coveting one of them, desperately wondering if I would have to make one for myself.  But no - how lucky am I?  And doesn't it look nice with the shavings from my Blockwork Orange Scraps in it?

And then.  she made me these 3 cute little fabric bags to hold all the little miscellaneous things that I am forever losing and having to buy more of.  I think they'll really help me keep track of stuff.

Thank you, Etoile2B for a perfect swap!

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  1. I truly hope you like them! I had a blast making them for you and I have been coveting one of those organizers myself.


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