Saturday, March 12, 2011


I've been doing a lot of sewing/quilting lately.  When I went to throw out my sewing trash a couple of weeks ago, this is what I found.  That is a lot of empty spools.  I'm pretty sure most were new spools since the first of the year, because I always seem to be running out of white thread. 

Recently BD#1 and I had a discussion about thread.  She got a new Bernina for Christmas (sweet!) and has been taking the classes that go along with her purchase.  She said the teacher had mentioned that thread is an important consideration...  something about European machines doing better with thread that has a left twist and American made thread has a right twist.  Who knew?  Anyway, as you can see, I've been going through  thread like crazy lately, so I decided to take her advice and try Mettler thread.  To me, it's biggest advantage was that it is an 850-yard spool, which is about 60% bigger than any that C&C offers.  So, since JoAnn's recently had a 50% off deal on thread, I bit the bullet. 

Mettler doesn't have as many colors as C&C, but if all I'm doing is piecing quilt tops and making blocks, who cares?  White is white, right?

And I noticed an interesting thing.  I don't get nearly as much lint in the bobbin case with Mettler thread.  That was unexpected.

And I really do like the larger spools. 

Now if I could just get bigger bobbins to work in my machine.

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  1. There is something satisfying about empty spools!


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