Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Every Which Way

Awhile back, BD#1 (also known as A Crafty Fox) created this little gem of a pillow that she called "Pointed in the Right Direction".  I hope you'll agree with me that this guy is just gorgeous. There's a tutorial on her blog for how to create it, if you're interested.  (Isn't she just the most talented girl ever?)

Anyway, one day while I was at work, BD#1 text messaged me and said that the Pillow Talk Swap was starting again and there were only 50 spots and she had signed me up.  You see, she knows that Pillow Talk is one of my most favorite swaps.  (She's thoughtful too!)  I was really excited!

But where much is given, much is required, as they say, and the hardest part of participating in a swap is deciding what kind of pillow to make that your partner will be happy with and that won't disappoint among all the wonderful, gorgeous, exciting, and innovative creations that people create for PTS.  I have to admit that I agonize over that part every time.  Frankly, it's a little intimidating.

So, while lurking on Flickr and stalking my partner, I decided that she seems to like color as much as I do.  And I have literally hundreds of long skinny scraps that are just perfect for a "Pointed in the Right Direction" pillow.  But you know, you have to make it your own...

And so I created the "Every Which Way" pillow.  I guess this is for the girl that can't make up her mind, LOL.  Seriously, though, I sure hope my partner likes it!

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  1. I wish I was your partner!! That's just beautiful!!!


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