Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bar Harbor Gets a New Home

Last Monday Night, I attended the Pensacola Quilt Guild meeting for the first time in maybe 6 months.  I have missed meetings first because I was busy with wedding preparations, and then because I was out of town and then because I forgot, and then because I was just plain lazy.  But this month, even though it was waaaay early in the month, I actually remembered and went.  The Guild has new digs, and they are much nicer than their previous ones.

I suppose most Guilds have a Show and Share time, when members can show off their recent creations.  Some of the things these ladies create just blow me away.  I am not nearly so awe-inspiring, but since I was looking for a suitable home for this joint effort Bar Harbor quilt, I decided to share.  A super talented lady, Ingrid, was in line in front of me with maybe 10 quilts to show.  Frankly, I felt slightly intimidated. 

 But when Ingrid's turn came, she thanked everyone for coming to work parties at her home and helping her create 27 quilts for kids in Shoal Creek, Alabama who lost everything in the floods this year.

Perfect?  Oh yeah.  And since I'd been looking for a new home for Bar Harbor, I gave it to her on the spot.

Now, 28 children will get a lovely new quilt for Christmas.

I may need to go make another quilt.

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