Monday, November 14, 2011

Block Party

The other day, I was prowling around blogland, when I ran across a post on Val's blog, Pink Please, about her desire to make a quilt to auction to raise money for cancer treatment.  Her post touched me in several ways.  First, both of my parents died of cancer - my mom more than 25 years ago now.   Then in 2004, my best friend (whom I still miss every day) lost her long battle with the ugly disease.  Then, this year, two of my co-workers, both quite young, are valiantly fighting this menace.  One of them, only 46, has pancreatic cancer.  Another, barely 30, has breast cancer.

It seemed like the least I could do was make a couple of quilt blocks.  Hardly a sacrifice at all, really.  Certainly nothing like battling cancer.

And check out the blocks she has received so far!  I am blown away!  This quilt is going to be AWESOME!

On a happier note, I am a member of the Fall Bee, and this is Anna's month.  She chose spider web blocks in batik fabrics.  Here's mine.

 It is a fun pattern, made from the tutorial at alamodefabrics, but I really felt like there wasn't as much contrast as I would have liked.  However, these are the fabrics I was sent, so this is the block I made.  I haven't sewn much with batiks, so this was kind of fun.  This block looks so complicated, but is really very easy if you follow the tutorial. 

Since this was a long weekend (thank you WH and all you Veterans and Veteran's families!) I had plenty of time to play and get caught up.  I read a little, sewed a lot, and maybe, just maybe, I can go back to work rested enough to last until Thanksgiving - only 10 days away!

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