Monday, November 21, 2011


Linda asked for orange and aqua with white background.
This weekend, I finally sat down to make blocks for my hive in the 3x6 Bee.  In this Bee, you have 3 months to make one block design in 6 color schemes for your 6 partners.  In return, you get 6 blocks made by 6 lovely quilters.  I participated in the spring and received 6 wonderful blocks, so I'm anxious to get enough blocks to make my quilt.  I had nearly forgotten that I had signed up to be in this bee again until I saw all the lovely blocks that were being made.

Jodi waned rosy pink and blue/green.  I struggled, but finally cut into my Denise Schmidt and Farmdale... 
Do you find it hard to cut into your favorite fabrics?

As always, the hardest part is deciding what block to make - and which fabrics to use.  There are a couple of great websites for block ideas though.  First, I tried Delaware Quilts Block of the Month.  There are tons of great ideas there.

Samantha wanted bright green and pink.
Then, I tried Dear Jane.

Loretta wanted gray and green.  Gray is such a hard color for me - not much of that in my stash. In fact, I think this is the only piece of gray I had.  

Then back to Delaware Quilts.  Definitely too many choices!

Sara is doing a patriotic quilt.

I finally settled on a block called Balkan Puzzle on the Delaware Quilts website.  It's supposed to look like this:
Image from Delaware Quilts BOM website.
I had two blocks put together before I realized I put them together wrong. 

And then I decided that I like the jazzy pinwheel effect better anyhow.

Laurie asked for aqua, yellow, and gray.  Do those dots look a little bit aqua to you?

So, when life gives you lemons - well, you know what to do.

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