Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bee Block Overload?

I just joined another bee.  Is this an addiction or what?  But this bee is a little different.  This is a "finish -it" bee.  In this bee, the other members are going to help each other finish a project!  Now is that a good idea or what? 

When BD#1 first introduced me to designer fabrics, I bought two charm packs of Fresh Cottons by Fig Tree.  I wanted to make a basket quilt similar to the one in the Just Desserts quilt booklet.  I got the "baskets" finished, but never got around to adding the half of the blocks with the handles.

Since this bee starts August 1st, and since I am the first QB and August is my month, I thought I had better go sort out the WIPs in the sewing room and see if I could find said blocks.

Oh yes, I found them.  And so much more.  There are the citrus blocks from the swap pictured above.

And there are 40 string blocks...

And at least 40 bento blocks...

There are all of my Christmas blocks...

 And 57 of the 80 hexie blocks I need...

There are 83 bow tie blocks...

24 3x6 bee blocks...

And 80 charm squares...

In addition to quilt tops I have started all on my own that are languishing in the WIP basket.

But, perhaps all is not lost.  I have actually finished a couple of bee quilts.

Teal We Meet Again, for example, is all done.

As is A Blockwork Orange.  So I have hope that I will finish the rest as well.  Eventually.

Meanwhile, I'm going to let the ladies in the Bee Awesome bee help me with my Fresh Cottons quilt.  Maybe that'll be one more I can check off my WIP list!


  1. Wow good for you! The two finished quilts look great!

  2. It looks like you had fun finding the blocks!!!! Isn't it great to meet "old" friends?????? The finishes look great.


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