Wednesday, July 25, 2012


My vacation put me a little behind and I have two or three swaps I  need to finish by the end of the month. I had planned a sewing Saturday, but I forgot that I'll be in meetings all day, so I decided I had better tackle the easiest one first.  This is for a needle book swap in the RATZ swap - "Rapid And Tiny Zakka" swap.  I haven't done much zakka style sewing, so I must have decided it was time.  This is a variation of my hexie needlebook.  I used some Heather Ross FFA III and a little flower sugar.  My partner asked for pink.

I added a scissor pocket in the back with a velcro scissor latch so the scissor won't fall out.  I'm hoping the other two pockets will hold small spools of thread. 

I hadn't done a button closure on the hexie needlebooks before either, but it seemed to make sense with the scissor pocket in the back.  I bought 100 hair elastics at the dollar store right before Christmas.  They come in really handy for the elastic button loops.

So, there's one swap item nearly complete.  I hope she likes it.


  1. What a sweet little needle book, and great tip for the hairband closures

  2. it's darling! I'm sure she will love it

  3. I love it and I am sure she will too. Very cute.


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