Friday, July 6, 2012

SUMMERTIME - and the Livin' is Easy!

I recently participated in the 11th round of the Potholder Pass Swap.  That sounds like a lot of pot holders, except that I missed the first 5 or so.  Add to that that I've been married a really long time and that most of my pot holders were obtained when we first got married, and you will know that I really needed to get rid of the ratty, worn out ones and get some new, fun ones in my kitchen.

I like to make pot holders.  They are fun and useful little mini quilts, and don't take any time at all to make.  My sewing machine still doesn't like Insulbrite, but I've found it's a lot easier if I use one layer of Insulbrite and one layer of batting than 2 layers of Insulbrite.  I think it's the tinsel in the Insulbrite that my machine doesn't like.  Oh, well, they're still fun.

Anyway, for this round, I was lucky enough to get my original package from my partner, Laura...

which included potholders, an oven mitt, a soap bottle apron and some lovely placemats,

AND an angel package from my new friend, Peggy!

So when one of the members of the swap didn't receive her pot holders, I thought it only right that I become an angel.

The theme was summer, and what is more summery than lemonade?

And if you're going to have lemonade, you need to have glasses to drink it out of, right?

And because Nicolette had to wait SO LONG for her package, I added a little border to a kitchen towel...

And the other tote bag I made the other night ...

And sent it off to Norway with my fingers crossed.  And amazingly enough, it got there in just a week!

I sure hope her original partner's package gets there eventually.  That would be awesome!

Meanwhile, Nicolette has something to help her enjoy her summer.


  1. so cute! we're doing a potholder swap at my LQS later this year & I am collecting ideas...

  2. I love the lemonade idea, you are so creative!

  3. So sweet and summer-y! I am sure she was thrilled to receive it.


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