Monday, February 28, 2011

The Mini Mini

So, I probably shouldn't make this confession, but here goes...

I am involved in a mini quilt swap via Flickr called Mini QT.  The little quilts can be no more than 12-inches square and this month's theme is 3D.  This isn't a secret swap, so you can't show photos of the whole thing until your partner receives her little quilt (which is OK, since my creation isn't finished yet LOL).

I have this dynamite idea in my head which requires the creation of a mini mini quilt (or maybe even 2).  Anyway, I've been struggling with the mechanics of creating something so small.  Yesterday, while I was finishing up the SUTK swap I came across the scraps I cut from what was supposed to have been the reversible place mats after I cut off the excess after I took them apart for the second or third time and added more of the yellow sunbursts (at least that's what they look like to me - or maybe kaleidoscopes)....  I had a ton of these little pieced scraps - 16 of them to be exact.

So I started playing with them, turning them every which way, putting them together in different combinations, and suddenly, I had this little mini mini ziggy zaggy quiltie.  The binding was also a scrap from the same project, already cut.

In all, the whole little quilt took less than 30 minutes, quilting and all.

Kinda makes up for all the problems I had with it's obstinate parent.


  1. I love this swapping idea! What an exciting was to make friends :) Thanks for you comments to Wendi! Ashlynn goes to therapy in Kent every week and that is where Target is so we basically live in kent! :)


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