Sunday, April 17, 2011

Industrious Saturday

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If you read yesterday's post, you may remember that BD#2 was home from college and we had a busy Saturday planned.  She wanted to do several things, most of them of a domestic nature.  We started off the morning planning to go strawberry picking.  I honestly haven't been strawberry picking since I was in my teens (other than in my own garden) and while I was looking forward to the experience, I remember it as being a TON of work for 25-cents an hour (or was it 50-cents? - either way, it was a ton of back-breaking work.)  We looked on the internet for a you-pick place nearby and we were off.  When we got there, the lady told us that they don't do you-pick any longer because of fear of lawsuits. How very sad.  They also didn't have any berries to sell because of the high winds that had affected the area the night before.  We were terribly disappointed.

As we were chatting, though, I mentioned that we wanted the berries to make jam.  She brightened at that and said she did have "jam berries" and they were half price.  I guess those were berries not pretty enough to sell.  So we bought a flat of berries, ran some other errands,  and headed home.  I had to go pick up jars and pectin, and BD#2 started to work cleaning the berries and cutting stems.  Here is a shot of her handiwork:

Aren't they beautiful?  A couple of hours later, here is a photo of the result:

And boy, is it yummy!

Once we cleaned the kitchen and had dinner, we started on the sewing projects.  I had a dress half finished, she had one started, and she also had another Sugar Rush quilt started, this one  from the Origins charm squares Santa got her for Christmas.

Please ignore the mess in the background.  This poor little room is full to the brim.  What is behind her is my to-do pile, just waiting for their turn.
Five or six hours later, after an all-night push-to-the-finish, we had both dresses fitted and the quilt finished, about 30 minutes before she had to leave to catch her plane.  BD#2 managed a little nap while mom finished the quilting and binding.

I am pleased with the way it turned out.  I hope she is.  It was really fun to share these skills with her and have a companion in all my madness.  I hope she enjoyed it too.

Oh, and guess what I had for breakfast?  Uh-huh.  And it was yummy!


  1. Bet she is totally happy with everything! What a busy day! I love homemade jam its the best.


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