Saturday, April 23, 2011

WIP Weekend Part 1

 Don't forget about Week 4 of my blogiversary giveaway here!

I don't know if any of you do this, but I always seem to over estimate the amount of time I have to complete Christmas projects.  Then, as the day nears, I run out of time and give my family unfinished gifts with the promise to finish them "soon".    Do you do that?  Well, it's probably not the best gift-giving technique, but I do quite a lot of it, actually.  This past Christmas was no different.  Grandma got Abby this adorable growth chart panel from and I was certain I could finish it by Christmas.  No dice.  In fact, I have worked on it pretty consistently since Christmas, and finished it this past week.  So proud.  I even got it mailed this week so now I can show photos of my project.

One side is this cute little plant with inches marked.  I hand quilted around the  images.  It also has places for significant dates, first word, first haircut, etc.  I embroidered the milestones that have been achieved so far.

The other side has name, birthdate, parent's names, etc.

Flower pot and watering can.

Cute little birdie.
It was a lot of fun to do.  I used fusible fleece, and I'm not sure I like it.  It  left the fabric looking crinkled.

This is Abby in her favorite shirt waving "hi" with both hands.

BTW, did I tell you that Abby likes doggies?  Last January I found this little shirt at The Gap for something like $4. Abby loves the shirt.  Abby would like to wear it every day.  Her mommy, however, feels the need to wash the shirt occasionally, which makes our little doggie lover very unhappy sometimes.  So, I came up with what i hope is a solution to the problem.

 Five more doggie shirts.  I found a fabric quarter at JoAnn's and a cute piece of fabric with a doggie on it at our LQS, and appliqued them onto onesies.  I hope they make my Abby-girl happy.

And I finished one more GMFG block the other night while I was watching TV.  Overall, it was a pretty productive week, I think.

This weekend is dedicated to finishing projects that have been on "the list" for too long.

 I finished the Soul Blossoms dress BD#2 and I started last weekend,

and the one I had started before she came home.  I'm especially proud of this one because you know, I love a bargain!  The fabric was on the free table at the January quilt guild meeting.  All I had to buy was lining and a zipper.  There must have been 5 yards there.  I still have enough to make BD#1 a dress and probably even a skirt for me.  The whole dress may have cost $5.

And, while I was at JoAnn's last week, they had this cute broomstick dress fabric on sale.  It was $4 a yard, and I only needed 30 inches.  How's that for a bargain?

This morning I made these Just One Star blocks.  Moda is collecting 1800 blocks to make 100 quilts for America's soldiers and veterans.  I'm married to a veteran, so how could I not?  It only took about an hour, from cutting to completion.  If you're interested, the deadline is May 1.  The pattern is available here.  I was gratified to find out that the Quilts of Valor Foundation has collected and donated 37,000 quilts to service members and veterans.  Way to go!

Then I made this block for Toerintx for the Christmas Fabric Bee.  She asked everyone to make something that represented Christmas.  I had a tough time deciding what to do.  I had a different idea originally, but this one kind of made itself.  Do you like it better with or without the button?  I think the button finishes it, but it's not a very comfortable thing to have on a quilt, so I can't decide.


Jessica suggested I try a yo-yo in the center instead of the button to finish it off, and I tried it.  I really like it a lot better now.  Thanks for the suggestion, Jessica.  Why didn't I think of that myself?

We were to make 2 blocks, and  my other block is an angel.  What do you think?  I left the block a little big.  She can trim it if she needs to, or if it doesn't work on point, she can add triangle blocks to make it square.  Her face is awfully pink...  Is it too pink?  It is the petal of a poinsettia from 12 Days of Christmas, I think.  Oh well, it's made now.

I am participating in the Sewn Spaces Swap.  The idea is to make your secret partner a sewing machine cover.  I need to get my act together because the deadline to mail is next Saturday.  About the time the swap started, I became aware of a Charley Harper sew-along on Flickr.  I had never heard of Charley Harper before, but I really like his images.  They are so "quilt-able".  I had several choices in mind for the front of the sewing machine cover I am making my partner.  Here is what I came up with....

I actually really like it.  I hope my partner does.  She is a bit challenging for me because her color palette was full of colors I don't have in my stash. I still have to quilt and bind the cover, but that should go fairly quickly, I hope.

And for tomorrow?  Here is the list...

Finish the sewing machine cover
Make the tote bag and pot holders for PP7
Make blocks for the Spring Citrus Surprise Swap
Quilt the 2 MIAGIA quilts for the Guild meeting on Monday night.

How far down the list do you think I will get?


  1. You seem to be on a role! Maybe you will get your list finished!
    I like the red block with the button, have you tried a suffolk puff/yo-yo as an alternative if the button is to hard to cuddle?

  2. First Happy Easter to you too- and BOY HAVE YOU BEEN BUSY. Can't wait to see sewing machine cover and I like the button on the block for Erin. She can always remove it if it doesn't work, or you could send it and she could put it on if it does???? Have a great weekend.

  3. Wow, how do you manage to get so much done?!!
    The growth chart is adorable, as is Abby!
    I really love your Charley Harper sewing machine cover.

  4. I love this Charlie Harper cardinal! You have done a great job and I know your partner will just love it......I know I would if it came to live with me....

  5. Wow, you are productive! Good stuff!


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