Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Who? Me?

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You may have observed that I've been really concentrating on my little blog lately.  Partly because I'm having a blast creating things for bees and swaps, partly because it's a great "diary" of what I've been working on, and partly because I have come to realize that if I'm going to do this bloggy thing, the least I can do is to try to make it worth reading.

Perhaps I am having a bit of success with that last part.  Last Sunday, I received an email from Stephanie of Spontaneous Threads that I had won the Stylish Blogger Award.  I was so surprised!!  I am surprised!  I am excited!  I am speechless.  (Well, I was...  It has taken me a whole week to do this post.)   Here are the requirements of winning the award:

First, I have to thank the person who bestowed the award on me, and that is easy.  Thank you, Stephanie!  If you were here, I'd give you a big ol' Southern hug!  It is just so kind of you to give my blog this recognition.  Stephanie has a great blog too.  You should check it out (see the link above - would you just look at that gorgeous sewing machine cover???   Even though I just got a beautiful new cover for my sewing machine cover, I am coveting that one.  {Do you think she could be MY partner?}  Sewing machine cover greed is what it is, pure and simple, but I don't care...)  But I digress...

Next, I must bestow the award on 6 other bloggers,  This was the hard part.  There are so many wonderful crafty blogs out there that I have enjoyed reading and discovering.  But I had to pick 6.  Several of my faves have already won the award, including one that I had all but nominated, but someone else posted first.  So, after much consternation and deliberation, here are the winners of the (ta da da dum!) Stylish Blogger Award:

1.  Aunt Spicy  I just love her blog.  She is so fantastically creative, and we seem to have so much in common!  Check out her amazing quilts and pillows!

2. LRStitched One of my followers told me about this blog, and she has some way cool stuff on there including an easy Dresden tutorial.  Check it out.

3.  Ellyns Place  I just discovered this cool blog.  Ellyn is one of my followers since I started my giveaway, so I clicked by her blog and discovered we have so much in common.  Loved her Central Park Sudoku quilt.

4.  Petite Design Company  I've just discovered this blog too, but it's so much fun, I'm sure I'll go back. SUCH beautiful, beautiful quilting!  I don't think I'll EVER be able to do FMQ that beautiful!

5. Stitch Duchess A cute blog from a very creative lady.  She is hosting a pinnie swap right now, so if you're interested, join me over there.

6.  A Crafty Fox  This new little blog is just getting started by my oh-so-talented BD#1, but click on over and check out her Matroyshka Doll Quilt.  Adorable!  I can't wait for her tutorial. 

Oh, and that other requirement...  I have to tell you 7 things about myself:  Here goes...

1.  I have a black belt in Karate. (So do 2 of my 3 children {I think HS is a 2nd Degree BB now that I think of it!}.  WH and BD#2 are blue belts.  I guess it was a family affair.)

2.  I once had a private pilot's license.

3.  It took me 25 years to earn a Master's Degree.  I started it when I was pregnant with my 1st child, and attended my last class on her 25th birthday.  I may not be quick, but I persevere LOL!

4.  I've been sewing since I was 9, and quilting since, oh, I think it was 1972, but until this year, I never kept (for myself) a quilt that I had made, although I think BD#2 has one around here somewhere.  She's coming home today...  Maybe we'll get it out and take a picture of it, just for grins...  It has been very well loved.  As I remember, it was pink and purple, but I'm not sure the fabric has any color left.  I earned a living doing embroidery for awhile, and was a volunteer assistant costumer for a children's performing company. (Are those separate, or do they count as one thing???)

Whew!  This is harder than it looks.

5.  The only country outside of North America I have ever visited is the United Kingdom.

6.  My husband and I met at the restaurant where I worked when I was in college.  HE says we met on a bar stool.  I say it was a counter stool. {It was a pancake restaurant, and I was too young to go into bars!}

And now for #7... as if you didn't know...  I have a wonderful husband, 3 awesome children, and undoubtedly the cutest little granddaughter anyone could ask for.  How truly blessed I am!

So, all of you new winners, Congratulations!  The award is well deserved.  I have enjoyed each and every blog.

Now, here are your duties as award recipients {can you tell that I am a list person?}:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award (yes, that would be me)

2. Post about the award on your blog and link back to my blog from your blog - It would be great if you would follow my little blog too - I follow everyone (except the Wordpress blogs - do they have a follow feature?  I subscribed to the RSS feed.  Is that how you do it?  Someone educate me, please.)

3.  Bestow the award on 6 other bloggers and pass on the award.  Stephanie said this part was like a "big blog hug".  Consider yourselves hugged, bloggers!

4.  Tell everyone 7 things about yourself in your blog post so everyone gets to know you better.

Well, I'm off to notify the winners! I can't wait to read everyone's blog postings. 

And again, Congratulations!


  1. how sweet are you? Thanks! I am so enjoying following your blog

  2. Congratulations on your award and persevering to get your Masters Degree both seem well deserved!


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