Saturday, April 16, 2011

Make Mine Modern

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Yesterday was the deadline to mail my items for the Make Mine Modern swap, and I squeaked in just under the wire.  I don't know why I waited until the last minute to finish this up, exactly. This was a long swap - I think it started in January - but it just took me a long time to decide on something I thought my partner would like.  I finally decided on a sewing apron "tool belt" because it seemed like something my partner could use.  I hope she likes it.

This photo was taken before I modified the scissor loops.  Sadly, I didn't take an "after" photo.

The pattern is loosely based on the one in the One Yard Wonders book by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins.  I thought I followed the dimension directions pretty closely, but it doesn't look very much like the one Tracy at Pink Chalk Fabrics has on their blog.  I love that they are reviewing the patterns in the book.  Their reviews and creations are what motivated me to actually buy the book, although it was on my Amazon wish list for maybe about a year.  Anyway, I really like their practical approach, and having the benefit of their experiences as they re-create the patterns in the book.

I modified the pockets somewhat, and added a little pinwheel pin cushion to the front.  I also modified the scissor loops, because they just seemed too big.  My partner said she was pink-deprived, and I think this should satisfy her pink craving.  The back is canvas, so it is very sturdy and should hold up to a lot of use.  Also, the canvas should prevent pins in the pin cushion from stabbing the tender flesh underneath.  I hope.  That was the thought anyway.

The hoop was a lot of fun.  I knew from the beginning I wanted to do a hoop.  I think I was inspired by all of the wonderful hoops I saw in the {Scrappy} Hoops Swap.  I didn't participate in that one, but my daughter did, and there was such an abundance of creativity in that swap I was blown away.  At the time, I was just being introduced to Flickr and swapping, and all of that genius amazed me.  Still does in fact.  I woke up one morning a couple of Saturdays ago with this quote on my mind.  I have no idea if I have heard it somewhere before, but I couldn't get it out of my mind. If you know where the quote came from, let me know.
I showed BD#2 and WH the hoop when I finished it, and both said, "shouldn't it be 'said and done?' and I was like, "That doesn't rhyme.  You just don't get it."

Then I showed my co-worker, who is into needlework, and she immediately said, "Oh, that is SO me," so maybe you have to be into fabrics and stitching to "get it".  Anyway, it was a fun hoop to do, and I hope my partner likes it.  I worked it on Kona (ivory? off white?) and it was such a great fabric to work on.  I will be doing more embroidery on Kona.  It has just enough body to make stitching a breeze. The last embroidery I did was on linen, and that was not a great experience.  The linen kept stretching in odd directions.  So much so that I nearly gave up.

I included a little pinnie

and of course one of my hexie needlebooks, which are so easy and fun I just can't NOT include them.  And the fabric of course.  The ones I sent are some that just make me happy.  I hope they make my partner happy too.

So, there it is.  The swaps seem to be winding down a little.  For the summer maybe?  I still have plenty going on, but somehow I miss the ones that are finished.  I've really been enjoying them.

And now, for my Saturday plans....  BD#2 is making a quilt from an Origins charm pack and some yardage Santa got her for Christmas, and we have a couple of dresses in the works.  I thought she was staying until Monday, but she is leaving in the morning, so we've got to get busy.  She also wants to go pick some strawberries and  make some jam today - she wanted blueberries, but they're not ready yet.  So it should be a busy Saturday.  I love that she's starting to enjoy sewing and quilting.  And that BD#1 enjoys it so much.  It's fun to share these things I love with my girls.

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