Friday, June 29, 2012

Super Swaps Covered Journal Swap

1. 1st finish of 2012, 2. Pieced quilted book cover, 3. Capa para agenda, 4. Foxy Sketchbook, 5. Selvage Book Cover, 6. Recycled Cloth Journal cover, 7. DS fabrics journal cover, 8. Journal made with Bliss from Moda Fabrics, 9. Composition Book Cover, 10. Quilted Journal Cover, 11. journal cover, 12. Journal Cover, 13. journal cover, 14. Echino journal cover, 15. Monogrammed Planner Cover, 16. Whimsy Plus journal cover, 17. Stack of selvedge notebooks, 18. Eiffel Tower Journal, 19. Selvedge notebook/journal cover, 20. Calendar-cover: front, 21. Notebook Cover, 22. journal front and back, 23. Scripture tote, book cover, journal cover, quilted journal cover, quilted book cover, 24. Journal Cover, 25. Linen + anything = success!
Apparently, I just can't say no to a good swap.  This one is no exception.  This one is called Super Swaps.  Last round we swapped oven mitts, and I got that awesome package from marslaura.  This time, we're swapping journal covers.

I was flitting around blogland today and saw that Kristy had made a mosaic for this swap, and I thought, "What a good idea!" so when I got home this evening, I decided to do the same.  I searched "journal covers", and quite honestly, I had a really hard time finding covers I liked enough to put in a mosaic.  Many were too unstructured or too "messy" for my taste.  Some were too artsy and too multi-media, and while that can be fun, it's not really me.  Some were felt, and while felt certainly has it's place, a felt book cover seems like it would last me - oh - about 3 weeks.  Some were painted or made of paper.  Some were (dare I say it?) just plain ugly.

But, all that searching (I literally looked at hundreds of book covers) helped me to think about what I do want in a journal cover.  I would like something I could take to work if I needed to, so I would like it to be fairly structured and - well - tidy.

I would like it big enough that I can write down ideas or even sketch them as they occur to me.  I'm thinking the perfect cover would fit one of those composition notebooks you can buy in the school supply section of Wal-Mart or Target, or even at the dollar store.

I want to be able to use it a long time,so it would be great if I could put on a new book when the old one is full.  And it would be great if it latched closed so that if I tucked a sketch from some random napkin into the book it would stay there.

Knowing me, it should be washable.

As with all quilty things, I like bright colors and cheerful themes.  I love brights on white, but that may not be the best idea for a journal cover.  Gray and linen might be a really good choice for this project.  I would like to have it made from modern fabrics.  Selvages would be way fun.  Embroidery is fab.  Solids are OK.  Batiks, not so much. 

Wonder what my partner will like? Hope she makes a mosaic and gives me some good hints.  I think this will be a really fun project.


  1. Oh I am so jealous - any space for another body to join in the swappy fun!!!

  2. Oh so glad you liked my selvedge covers! Have fun swapping


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