Sunday, June 24, 2012

An Apple A Day...

Two weeks ago yesterday dawned  dark and stormy.  A perfect day to stay inside and sew.  After I finished my Outfoxed quilt, I decided I still had some quilty time left before I had to go pack for our trip, so I dug Little Apples out of the WIP pile.

The blocks are sort of a log cabin/bento-ish style of my own design.  I had a charm pack, a jelly roll, and a package of fat quarters I won from Pink Chalk fabrics.  This fabric is so cute, I wanted to do as little cutting as possible. 

I used buttercup Kona for the sashing and a simple white border. I seem to be getting a little better at getting the sashing to line up, which makes me happy.

 The binding is random-sized pieces of left-over jelly roll strips.

I quilted it in a square pattern to accent each block.  I didn't mark them or anything, so they're free form and pretty random.  I kind of liked the contrast with the predictable nature of the blocks.

The backing was blue little apples yardage with some pieces of the fat quarters added to the side to make up the width.  On this quilt, I really like the asymetrical look of the squares down the side.

I'm pretty excited about another quilty finish.

If you're looking for Little Apples precuts, you can still find them at Westwood Acres.

What have you been working on lately?


  1. I love the quilting. And the back! Your quilt is so pretty.

  2. adorable! I've been on a bag kick lately.... have a customer quilt I need to get started on. I've been waiting for inspiration to strike and if finally did!

  3. I'm just in love with Little Apples! I'm actually doing a quiltalong with LA, but I am way behind! This is a cute design, I like it a lot!

  4. It looks wonderful. I love the quilting and the fabric is so cute.


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