Friday, June 8, 2012

Fun Mail

Yesterday, I came home to find the kitchen table filled with fun mail.  So exciting! This is what I won in the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway from Amy at GabrielsGoodTidings!  She makes these great vintage totes and sells them in her etsy shop.  It's so fun to win something.  I feel so lucky.  Isn't this a great bag?  So pretty.  And the inside is just as pretty.

Thank you, Amy!  So happy to have won such a lovely gift!

And then there were some purchases....

This is what I ordered because I broke mine - for the second time in a year.

Those teeny little prongs on the Pfaff feet just can't stand up to the use I give them.  I tried a metal one last time, but it wasn't any sturdier, so I decided that I prefer the plastic ones.  And if I'm going to make a Swoon quilt, I need to be accurate.  Having the foot hanging by one little prong made for wobbly seams.

Anyway, that is what I ordered because I needed it.  And the rest, well...  Let's just say I was slightly self- indulgent!

And then a little package of fabric for one of my bees...

A very fun mail day indeed!

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