Saturday, February 19, 2011

Catching Up - Part 2

I have been participating in the Chronic Seamstress Charm Square Swap.  I have loved seeing what everyone has shared.  The fabrics have such variety and it has been a blast to go through each little package and pet the fabrics.  Some have come with lovely little notes that were nearly as sweet as the fabrics themselves.  But the absolute BEST part has been coming home to find a little envelope in the mail that was just for me. I felt like a kid again.  For awhile, every day was a new surprise.  I have come home from some less-than-wonderful days at work and found a sweet little something in the mail - some days more than one.  It has been a great pick-me-up.
But sadly, I have been so exhausted that I haven't done the proper thing and thanked those who sent them.  Ungrateful?  Certainly seems like it.  I really want the senders to know how their participation in this swap has brightened my days lately.

The package above from craftytammie is just too cute to pull apart yet.  I love the little string tie.  And the fabrics inside are yummy.  

Charm swap received from Brandie

This one came from Brandie.  Isn't this the most eclectic assortment of fabrics all in one place?  I can't decide if I like the strawberries or the circles (bubbles?) best...  or it might be the pink telephones - I had one of those once.

Charms received from Cindy

This package from Cindy is "outta this world"!  Love the stars and planets, and the bright flowers.  And then the contrast with the black and white prints is so interesting.  

Charms received from Jessica

This package from Jessica in The Netherlands is all organic cotton.  I put her cute little business card in the photo, but it was so shiny it reflected the flash from the camera.  This one has some cute little birdies in it.  And the purple is kind of a herringbone weave.  Very nice.

Charm squares received from Jonah

This package from Jonah  may be my overall favorite.  Each of the fabrics is SO FUN!  There are doggies and froggies and AIRPLANES (always a favorite in this house) and teddy bears and owls and I-don't-know-what-all, but they are so much fun!  And Jonah is from Renton, Washington, which is practically my home town.  How cool is that?

So thanks, everyone, for making my days brighter at a very difficult time. 

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