Friday, February 25, 2011

Catching Up - Times Three

Charms received from Laura
 This morning before work I had a few extra minutes and I decided to take a couple and go through the mail which was falling out of the basket onto the floor, which is a pretty good indication that it had been several weeks since I had done this oh-so-boring (usually) task.  If you have been following this blog, you will know that the last couple of months have been stressful at best, and I have been coming home, collapsing in a chair, and getting up the next morning to do it all over again.  The arrival of these yummy little packages of Flickr mail, along with some serious fabric therapy, extra kindness from WH, and some thoughtful packages from Beautiful Daughter #1 have kept me going.  Thanks to all of you.

When I wrote my catching up posts last weekend, I had the tickling thought in the back of my mind that there should be more of these fun little envelopes floating around my house, but I didn't take the time to go back and look.  Well, today when I went through the mail, I rediscovered some of these great little pick-me-ups that have brightened my days over the past few weeks.  All of these items had been opened, then left with the mail and shoved in the basket in an effort to tidy up.  We won't make any judgments about how effective my tiding up might have been.

So, there was this delightful package (photo above) from Laura which included some truly yummy fabric charms.

Charm Swap package from Judy

Then there was this package from Judy.  I love the flowers.  You can always use flower prints in a quilt.  Very nice.

Charm squares from Lynn

 Lynn sent this great package of really fun prints.  Such an interesting mix. These will be fun to add to my quilt.

Charm square package from Bev

Bev's package included some of my all-time favorites, including some Bliss prints.  These will make great additions to my quilt(s).

I also rediscovered two jelly rolls I bought on ebay a couple of weeks ago.  The lady had a great sale and shipping was FREE!  Who can resist that?  The Central Park is such a fun print.  If I can bear to cut into it, I'm thinking I will make this into a quilt for the Silent Auction at the Opera Ball in April.  Not quite sure what I'll do with the Lily & Will, but it would make a great boy quilt.

Earlier this week, I received my third postcard from the Fabric Postcard Swap.

Fabric postcard from Mary (13 insane penguins)
Isn't it Valentine-ey?  Mary (13 insane penguins) was brave enough to put a stamp on it and stick it in the mail.  It came through just fine, but I'm still not sure that I'd be brave enough to do that.  With my luck, a thread would get caught in one of those postal machines and rip it to shreds.

I mentioned above that BD#1 had been cheering me up with fun packages.  I received two great books in late January that I've been poring over in my spare moments.  I have even made a project from one of the books already.  Today, I received this

in the mail all the way from Australia.  BD#1 traded a layer cake she had for this one because she knew I liked it.  It is always so much fun to get international packages.  They seem so exotic somehow.  Anyway, I think that this will be the fabric for my Single Girl quilt.  I think it will be perfect.  I'm getting excited!

So now, I THINK I am all caught up.  Maybe.


  1. I am glad to see you got my parcel, and love it! There is something a bit special about international parcels!


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