Monday, February 14, 2011

Honestly, I had such good intentions...

Seriously, I had such good intentions for this weekend.  I was going to get myself out of this swap deficit and really get some things accomplished.   In fact, I did get some things accomplished, just not the things I planned.

I made 10 more primary chair covers.  All of the red ones are done and I completed 6 of the blue ones.  There are 4 blue ones and 10 yellow ones to go.  This is a worthwhile project, but I will be glad when it's finished.  Frankly, making 30 of anything is not especially interesting.

I got BD#2's Fandango Sugar Rush quilt ready to quilt.  The more I look at the scallops, the more I'm glad I cut the border away from the scallop.  It gives it such a nice contrast, and I didn't like the darker border fabric showing through the white.

So that was my Saturday.  Doesn't seem like much for a full day's work, does it?

Today, I planned to come home from church and really get some things accomplished.  I did do a couple of things.  I sketched a design for the Mini QT swap.  A conversation with BD#1 scaled the project back some and it was a good thing.  My idea was too ambitious by half and there's only so much you can do with a 12"x12" maximum area.  I really like the design now, and I think this little mini quilt will be really cute.  Need a few supplies, and then I can get going.

And I made this reusable market bag for my partner in the Spicing Up the Kitchen swap.  I got the pattern here.  It was super easy to make and is larger than it looks.  I think you'd be able to fill it up with groceries and not be able to carry it home.  But it is really a cute bag.  I see myself making several of these for little "extras" in various swaps.

So here it is - mid February, and I have several swaps due at the end of the month.  Gotta get busy!

Meanwhile, tomorrow is heart day.  Or as my younger children like to call it, "Singles Awareness Day."  Whatever you call it, I hope it's happy.

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