Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fabric Probation

Our  LQS has been having a great sale.  Everything from 2007, 2008, and 2009 is at least 50% off and some as much as 70% off.  I have been in the store a couple of times watching people check out with some amazing fabric, but either didn't have the time or the money to settle down for some serious stash-building.

So Friday night, I thought I might go in and look around, see if they had anything left, and maybe buy a yard or two of fabric.  It is possible one might think I got carried away.  Perhaps.  Possibly.  Just a tad.  But boy did I have a good time.  Isn't it beautiful?  I got a whole rainbow.  Each one of those pieces is a half yard (except for the mushrooms
Hoodie's Collection

and the fishies,
This one is called "The Cat's Meow".  Isn't that funny?

which are current pieces) and they were dirt cheap!

Did I mention that there are 44 pieces in all.  (And yes, the cutting lady had a TON of fun with me on Friday night.)

While it may be true that I have a bit of fabric stashed in various places, it is also true that most of it is not suitable for the kind of sewing I have been doing lately.

Here are some more of the pieces I bought that I REALLY like:
Tina Givens

This one is Hoodie's Collection

The selvage was cut off of this one, but I think it's called "Time for Coffee" or something like that.
Fun, huh?

But it probably goes without saying that I am on fabric probation for awhile.  I guess I'll have to find a new kind of therapy.

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