Sunday, February 6, 2011

Garden Party Tote Bag - FINISHED!!!

BD#2's Garden Party Tote Bag is finally finished.  It is very long - much longer than I would have liked it to be - but it had to be long to accommodate the knife case.  The main fabric is Garden Party, by Anna Maria Horner.  Pretty, huh?

The interior pockets and side gussets are Happy Go Lucky, by Nell Whatamore.  So pretty!  (Don't you think it is just a joy to work with pretty fabrics?)  There are pockets for cellphone and pens and pencils
and a seriously large pocket for her chef's coat, which was the other requirement for the bag.
and here is the pocket opened

I honestly used every scrap of fabric of any size that I purchased for this bag.  I think the largest scrap I have left is 2" by 6" or something ridiculous.

I am fairly pleased with the quilting on the outside.  It seems to give it a feeling of motion.  It was kind of fun to make the bag.  The only thing I am not so happy with is the bottom of the bag.  It turned out OK, but I had to hand stitch the exterior bottom, and I am always worried that hand stitching on something like this will tear out.  Oh well.  There wasn't any way to get it under the sewing machine needle.

So now that this one is ready to pop in the mail, I'll move on to some of the projects for my Flickr swaps.  I have 3 or 4 things that have to be done by the end of the month.  

Happy week!

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  1. This is so pretty Wendi!! I love it! Great Job!


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