Friday, March 9, 2012

Everybody's Workin' Toward the Weekend...

So, I was supposed to go see adorable little Abby this weekend, but she and her mommy and daddy are sick =(    (BTW:  Isn't this photo-sketch cool?  I found this ap for the Iphone that does this automatically.  So fun.)

And I want to be healthy when Abby's brother makes his appearance.  So, I have developed a self-awarded consolation prize.

A S*E*W*I*N*G Weekend!!!

(Abby hugs would be better but I'm trying to make the best of it, see?)

First, I finish the PTS Pillow.   It's coming right along.  It's almost ready to be quilted.

Then I do the blocks for my 3x6 bee.  Picking the block is the hardest part, no?

Then I bind the 2 Little Man Quilts.

Then, WH's B-day is coming up, and I've got a plan for that.  Hint:  it involves fabric and....

Then my Movie Mini quilt.  I have SUCH a fun idea.  It involves the most classic movie of all time.  Well, one of them.

Then blocks:  Craftsy BOM blocks. Sew and Bee Happy blocks.  Sew Fun Bee blocks.  MSBBS blocks (wish I knew what that stands for.)

And I have to make a quilt for the auction at the Operazzi Ball.

Then I want to start a Granny Squares quilt and play along with the QAL on Flickr.

That might possibly be enough to keep me busy.  But if not, I've got a longer list around here somewhere.

Hope you have a fun weekend too.

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