Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Speaking of Mail...

Photo courtesy of Westwood Acres Etsy Shoppe
So look what I found in my mailbox yesterday!  Isn't it lovely?  Yes, BD#1 and her husband saved me a FQ bundle all my own from their little shop, Westwood Acres.  It arrived so fast!  I just ordered it  Friday after work, and it was in my mailbox on Monday.  You can't beat that!  And maybe, just maybe, I ordered a little something extra.  My blogiversary is coming up on Sunday you know. There might be something a little special in a day or two.    (Hint.  Hint.)

Meanwhile, BD#1 and DSIL#1 have been busy, busy, busy processing orders, and now, I'm told they have just a tad bit of this left until their next shipment arrives in May.  I'm sure I'll need some more by then.  But they have some other stuff in their shop that I really NEED...  like those cool Riley Blake chevrons that I think I really must get my hands on!

OK, confession time....  Do you ever just sit and pet your stash?  WH thinks I'm crazy, but he usually doesn't say anything.  Sometimes he just smiles.  Sometimes, he says, "Uh, so you know you're petting that fabric, right?"  Of course I do!  It's therapeutic.  It's relaxing.  It keeps me sane sometimes.

And sometimes, fabric can be SOOOOO frustrating.  Like today, for example.  I really need some Kona Snow to finish my Fairy Tale Friends quilt.  I need about a yard and a half for sashing and borders.  I really wanted it today so I could come home and finish piecing the top of my FTF quilt (not to be confused with the FMF above).  I know JoAnn's doesn't carry Kona Snow.  But now my LQS is out of it.  They offered to order it for me, but I bet they're not as quick as BD#1's shoppe above.  I ordered it, but the waiting is killer.

Oh well, it's not like there's nothing else in my To Do pile.

But, while I was surfing around blogland and through all the online fabric shops this evening trying to decide if I'd get the Kona faster if I ordered online, I dropped in at my daughter's blog, A Crafty Fox, just to see what she was up to, you know?  Well, her latest post tells the sweetest story of generosity from our mutual friend Leona.  Leona was my first-ever Flickr Swap partner, so she holds a special place in my heart.  And now, she has been kind to my daughter, and that's a sure way to stay there.  And Leona has reached a true milestone with her blog and is having a fun little giveaway.  Check it out!

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  1. Don't you just hate to wait. I sympathize, hope your Kona Snow comes real soon. Lovely fq's btw.


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