Saturday, March 24, 2012

So - What Have You Been Doing Lately?

So, what have you been doing lately?  I've been getting caught up on bee blocks.  This was an easy-peasy one for Becky in the Sew Fun Bee.

And these Halloween Blocks are for Mary in the Fall Bee.  Making these blocks with 2" squares was a ton easier than making similar blocks with 1" squares.  Guess I'm just not a postage stamp quilt kind of girl.

And then I've been working on a mini quilt for the Mini QT swap.  The theme this time is movies, and I'm really having fun with this one.  Can't show the whole project yet, because in this swap you know who your partner is, so this is just a hint.  Any guesses?  This little guy is going all the way to Sweden!

And if you've been reading this little blog since the first of the year, you know that one of my goals is to make every quilt in this book.  So far, I have made 3 Sugar Rush quilts and 2 Little Man quilts.  

Well, when I was at Sewing Summit last fall, I picked up a Fairy Tale Friends charm pack from  my daughter's little etsy shop, Westwood Acres.   The pattern I had in mind for this called for a charm pack and a honey bun.  Well, it seems that honey buns are scarce as hen's teeth around here lately, but I finally found a Fairy Tale Friends honey bun online, so I've been working on those blocks. I'm ready for the sashing and borders.

Wish JoAnn's carried Kona Snow. 

And I got the borders on my jelly roll race quilt, so I could quilt that and get it out of the WIP pile.  That would be a good feeling.

Finally, I traded some Flora charm packs for a whole passel of 2-1/2 inch squares, so I laid out a couple of granny squares for the Granny Square QAL, if I'd ever cut the white setting squares.

And I really should get something done for my sister for her birthday, which is Tuesday, and she lives in California...  Oops, late again!

So, I have a jam packed weekend planned.

And I really should clean my house.

What about you?  What are you working on?  I'd love to hear about it, and if you have a blog, stash a link in the comments.  I'd love to come visit.


  1. Let's see. I'm working on the 2nd block of the NYBeauty QAL. It's very time intensive. Also working on the 2nd block for the Sew Out Loud group. I'm loving the creativity of the hosts and I'm learning how to paper piece complicated patterns. Getting ready to sew some flannel owls, getting ready for my first craft show in November and I feel like it's right on my heels.

  2. I love your first block with the doggies and kitties and I love your sequined star, what a beautiful idea to have a glamorous quilt, I'm all for glamour woohooo!
    I'm busy sewing some padded felt animal motive cell phone covers for my kids who have just received Tracfone LG800G smart phones from their dad ($50 ea) and I don't want them to scratch their touchscreens hence the owl and fox felt covers. I'm surprised that the kids phone time only costs dad $6/month for 40 minutes, not bad.
    What I like about these felt pouches is that you don't need a sewing machine, I just use blanket stitch to sew 2 layers of felt with stuffing in between by hand. To sew the features and limbs on the pouches is so easy that your kids can do this fun project over the weekends. I'm amazed at how many cute animals, ducks & birds you can make out of felt not to mention Christmas decorations which would also make cute friendly gifts.

  3. Boy, you stay busy. I'm working on Bonnie Hunter's Fourth of July quilt for my brother and kind of doing my own thing with the leftovers for his son. I also am waiting to quilt a few tops including Orca Bay, Bonnie Hunter's last mystery, and a few others.


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