Friday, March 2, 2012

Plans? Yes, I have P*L*A*N*S for this weekend!

Do you ever have weekends when all of your plans turn to dust?  That was last weekend.  First, I had a ladies brunch at church on Saturday morning.  The food was delightful, and it was fun to get together with the other ladies and visit.  A morning well spent.  And since it was still early, I was confident that I would come home and get right to work.

I had the blocks for my Little Man quilt made  - another step toward my goal of making every quilt in Camille's book (it was going to be a single quilt top, but when I thought about it, that just didn't really work - hopefully we'll be ready for the reveal THIS weekend sometime)....  And my Pillow Talk Swap pillow to make....  And my Mini QT movie quiltie to make.... And some bee blocks....  And my Little Apples quilt...  I had a lot I wanted to do.  Busy, busy, you know?

I was pumped.

I came home and the yard guy was here.  And nothing would do but that I walk around and show him all the things I wanted done.  Well, yes, I was spending money on having the weeds grass cut and the bushes trimmed, so naturally, I wanted to be cooperative.  And then his helper inquired about buying an old car we have sitting in the driveway.  And of course, since we no longer need a 3rd car, selling it would make me very happy. Clearly, I needed to take time to discuss it.  Finally, after all the distractions, it was 3pm and I finally sat down at the sewing machine to get started....

Which went along just swimmingly until the phone rang and BD#2 desperately needed a copy of her 2009 taxes by Monday.  Suffice it to say that my method of filing for the last few years has been to dump all the paper stuff in a big plastic tub.  And a couple of tote bags.  And a cardboard box.  (No, not a shoebox....  more like a medium-sized moving box.)

So now you know how I spent my weekend.

But my paperwork is (mostly) filed - or shredded - now.

I never did find her 2009 taxes.

My quilt(s), blocks, mini and pillow did not get finished.

THIS weekend I am going to sew.  I am determined.  I need to get these things done.  The PTS pillow is due on the 12th.  For those of us who are calendar challenged (hello, mirror) that is next week.

Wish me luck.

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