Monday, November 22, 2010

Almost Thanksgiving!

Wonderful Husband and I were talking today and I commented that it is almost Thanksgiving.  WH responded, "Wasn't New Year's just last week?"  That's sure the way it seems.  Not sure where 2010 has gone, but certainly Christmas and New Year's will be here before I know it.  The groceries are sitting in the fridge and Handsome Son (with a scruffy new beard) is home for the holiday, so I guess it really is this week.  Sure puts the pressure on for those Christmas projects I have going....  But I am going to take the time to enjoy HS's visit and eat a little turkey and pumpkin pie - oh, and watch White Christmas to get in the mood.  HS promised to watch it with me.

WH and HS are going to be tiling the bathroom during his visit, too which will be nice.  We've had ugly vinyl in there that has truly outlived its usefulness.  It was laid in 1993 and was supposed to last 5 years.  See what I mean?  Can't wait to see the new tile in there.  It is so pretty.


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