Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reorganization and Realization

This poor quilt is languishing in my work basket.  Just can't seem to get back to it.

The other night, Beautiful Daughter #1 and I were talking about my blog and our various plans for the future, she mentioned that perhaps I needed to update my blog - in more fundamental ways.  So I spent some time this weekend changing the background and reorganizing things, creating some tabbed pages to make things easier to navigate and just cleaning house.  What do you think?

But as I was roaming around the net today looking at all the beautiful quilting and pillow tops and scrappy hoops and general creativity of bloggers and flickr'rs, and thinking about all the UFOs I have started (such as the one above) I had a terrible realization....  even if I quit my job and devoted all my time to quilting and making beautiful things, there is just no way I could ever complete all the projects I want to or use all the beautiful fabric I would like to have.

So, I'll just have to get busy!!!  Unfortunately, eating and sleeping get in the way too.  And cooking and cleaning, but who cares about those?

So, I decided to create a list of projects I would like to have a go at.  A sort of quilting "bucket list" if you will.  Here are a few to start:

A string quilt
A whack and stack quilt
A grandmother's flower garden quilt (when I was little, our family had one that my dad's grandmother had made - but sadly, no one knows what happened to it.)
A pickle dish quilt (I actually have this one started from a quilt along on another blog, but alas, not too much progress so far)
A spider web quilt

I will add to the list as I think of them.  For now, some of those more immediate things are pressing.

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