Monday, November 1, 2010


Did you know that November is Prematurity Awareness Month?  For many years, November has been Blue Jeans for Babies month, where employees could buy a t-shirt and wear jeans to work.  This year, many areas around the country, including our area in Florida, plan to wear Purple on November 19 to raise awareness about prematurity.  Babies born too soon and too small cost $26 billion a year in the United States alone.  More babies are being born too early now than in the 1980s.  Why?  I certainly don't know, but I'm helping to raise money to find out.
For many years, I have served on the Walk Committee for our local March of Dimes region.  In addition, I am Team Captain where I work.  This is a cause I can support.  I hope someday, every baby will be born healthy.

Here is my beautiful little granddaughter at 10 months.  Don't you love that smile?

I have been very fortunate.  All of my children and my adorable granddaughter were born full term.  Two of my children were born on their due dates.  My youngest was two weeks early, and even that two weeks made a real difference in her early development.  If you have ever seen a baby in the NICU - one that will fit in the palm of your hand - you are aware that every day, every ounce, every milestone counts toward a healthier baby.  

How can you get involved?  First, wear PURPLE on November 19 and let everyone know you support the March of Dimes Prematurity Awareness campaign.

Next, get a team together and find a way to raise some money.  Even  small amounts can make a big difference.  Did you know that the March of Dimes actually started during the Presidency of Franklin Roosevelt?  It was in the 1930's - the Great Depression -  and President Roosevelt asked every child in America to send 10-cents to the White House to help find a cure for polio.  All those dimes added up, and in 1956, Jonas Salk had a vaccine ready to inoculate thousands of children.  My mother's best friend was a polio victim (as was President Roosevelt), but today, you never hear of a child getting this horrible disease.  All thanks to the collective power of thousands of dimes.

Finally, get involved in your area's March for Babies.  You can go to the March of Dimes website and find out when and where the Walk is in your area.  National March for Babies day is the last Saturday in April, but there are walks all across the country practically any time of the year.

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