Monday, November 1, 2010

My Happy Stack

Last weekend for our anniversary, in addition to the "Blue Thingy" Wonderful Husband made for me, he gave me a certain amount of money to spend at my favorite fabric store.   While he had very considerately planned to take me there that very evening, what he didn't know is that they close at 3pm on Saturdays.  So sad.  I had to wait until Monday.  I did not take (too much) advantage of WH's good nature - in fact, I didn't even spend the entire amount he had alotted.  But I had a really good time exploring the beautiful fabrics.  What fun!

Then, when I got home there was my box from  More fun!

So this weekend I pre-washed all that fabric.  Of course, that was the easy part.  For some reason it got all tangled up in the dryer and it all had to be ironed.  Tonight I sat down and spent about 2 hours ironing all that beautiful fabric.  I can't wait to play with it.  Some of it has a specific destiny.  I bought some "Adoring" that I hope to make into a Nativity quilt.  I also bought some more French General to finish a project I have started.

But some of it I just bought because I liked it.  These are the ones I just get out and play with every now and again, until inspiration finds me.  I did a little of that tonight as I was making room on the shelf for the new additions, and I found a piece of fabric that I needed to back the table runner I made yesterday.  I also made little Abby a pair of pants, which are waiting for some elastic and some snap tape, which I don't have on hand.  Another trip to the fabric store?  Oh, darn!

Now that I have finished the ornaments for the Handmade Ornament Swap, I think I will try to get them in the mail.  Imagine, me being 30 days early.  THAT never happened before!  I hope my partners like them.

I actually did a little stamping today, which gave me a chance to show WH that the "Blue Thingy" is appreciated.

So tomorrow, back to work.  I'd rather stay home and sew, but alas, that is not to be.  I'll just have to look forward to it when I get home from work. 

And sometime this week I should find out who my partner is for the Pillow Talk Swap. Something else to look forward to.

Have a great week.

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  1. Yay mom! Go you for being early...I am not. But, on the upside, I am not behind either!

    That fabric stack looks yummy!


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