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Awesome Foursome Part 4: Turkey Table Runner Tutorial

Awesome Foursome Part 4:  Turkey Table Runner Tutorial

 One Awesome Jelly Roll by Sandy Gervais
3/4 yard Awesome yardage for backing and binding
15" x 45" piece of batting

Note:  Each recipe makes one table runner.  You will have enough fabric strips to make 4 table runners from a single jelly roll, plus matching pot holders from the "leftovers"  Directions are given here for the turkey table runner.  Yesterday's post included the pumpkin table runnerSaturday's post included both the single leaf and triple-leaf design.


Separate the jelly roll into its colorways.

Since I had already made the two leaf designs and the pumpkin design, I chose from the remaining jelly roll strips for my turkey.  I chose 1 red, 2 ivory, 2 green and 2 brown.  The single color will be your center strip, and all the other strips will be attached to it.

I also used the scraps from the leaf and pumpkin table runners to create my turkey.  You will need scraps of brown, orange, ivory and green.

Assemble your panel by joining an ivory strip to each side of the red.  Add a green strip to each ivory, and a brown to each green.  Press seams toward the OUTSIDE.

Use the wedge pattern to cut 13 turkey feathers. I cut 1 red, 2 ivory, 2 green and 2 brown.

You should be able to get 2 feathers side by side on a jelly roll strip, however, they do not fit side by side if they are straight on the grain. 

Fold each feather in half RST and sew together at the wide end with a 1/4 inch seam.

Fold the sewn end of the wedge back so it runs down the center of the feather, creating a point.  Press.

Sew feathers together down the long sides using a 1/4 inch seam. 

You will have an array of feathers that fan out from the center.

Press the seams away from the center.

Now turn over and press again.

Press a 1/4 inch seam allowance into the outside feathers.

Trace the turkey body pattern onto card stock.

Cut loosely out of a brown scrap so that there is approximately a 1/4 inch seam allowance all the way around.   Fold the fabric around the card stock and use your iron to press the seam allowance flat.   Remove the card stock and press again.

Cut 2  1-1/4 inch squares from a scrap of orange.  Fold in half diagonally, then in half diagonally again to form a triangle.  Press.

Place the raw edge of these triangles along the straight edge of the turkey body and pin.  These are the turkey's feet

Pin the turkey body onto the feather array with the turkey's head along the center feather.  Pin and stitch.

Embroider a face on your turkey.  I used decorative stitches on my machine.

Find the center of your table runner panel and position your turkey as desired.  Stitch the turkey onto the runner as desired.  I machine stitched the turkey onto the panel since table runners tend to get food spilled on them and may be laundered frequently. 

Layer your top over your backing and batting into a quilt sandwich and quilt and bind as desired.  Your table runner is complete.

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