Saturday, November 20, 2010

Red Letter Day

Look what came in my mail yesterday!  What fun!  Actually, I didn't find all this until this morning, but it was a nice surprise.

I received my first ornament in the Flickr Handmade Ornament Swap.  This cute little snowman is my new friend.  I have been coveting him since my swap partner first posted him and his snowman friends.  Too cute!  She made him this cute little bag for him to rest in and sent along the sweetest card.   Beautiful Daughter #1 is coveting him too, so I'll have to make sure he is well protected.

Beautiful Daughter #1 and I were comparing notes a few weeks ago and we were commenting about how much we love Moda's new Dream On line.  So, when Alamode Fabrics offered these 2 charm packs at a great price, I snatched them.  They were among the cool things that came yesterday also.  And Heather included another charm pack of beautiful fabrics as a treat!  Soooooo nice of her.  If Beautiful Daughter is especially nice, I might share with her.

Then, when I was poking around the net the other day, I wandered into Hawthorne Threads - just to window shop, mind you - well, maybe I was looking for this piece of the Weekends line I didn't have.  It must have been sold out when I bought the other pieces that I have. These bikes are just so cute.  I have a vision of what I want to do with them, but I may have to get through the Christmas sewing first.
While I was there, these great fat quarters caught my eye.  I have been wanting these for weeks, so I just couldn't pass them up again.  So I bought...

An Urban Circus (by Laurie Wisbrun) fat quarter bundle...  I just love the giraffes and elephants - and such fun colors...
And a Freebird (by MoMo) fat quarter bundle in grass...  Again, great colors, and now I notice that it is sold out.
And, while I was there, this Innocent Crush by Anna Maria Horner jumped into my shopping cart, so I just had to take it home.  Isn't it yummy?  If you read AMH's blog, you've probably been wanting a little Innocent Crush of your own, perhaps?  Anyway, I just bought a sprinkling.  So pretty.

So, it was a great mail day at my house yesterday.  Good mail is so much more fun than bills.

Thank you, Mr. Postman!

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