Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mail Call!

PP7 received from quiltndot2003

The mailman has been pretty good to me for the last 10 days or so, but I haven't managed to stop long enough to take pictures.  I finally received my PP7 potholders and bag, and they were worth waiting for.  I love the yellow, and the aqua flowers with red centers make them so sunny and cheerful.  The watermelon market bag is perfect as well.  I love the watermelon seed lining.

3x6 beeblock from Dorrie
I also received my last 3x6 bee block made by Dorrie.  I love the tiles, and the flower in the center is so fun.  I'm sitting out the next round of this swap, for obvious reasons (something to do with a wedding), and I'm really kind of sad about it.  I'm hoping for 6 more awesome blocks and I'll make my sampler quilt.

Blocks received from the citrus surprise swap
I also received my 10 blocks from the Citrus Surprise block swap.  Won't this make a fun quilt?  I was sorry that more people didn't participate in this swap (I seem to have a knack for random swaps) but it was fun.  The other 3 ladies that participated in this swap were far more creative than I was.  I made 10 of the same block using slightly different fabrics, while everyone else made each block different.  That was seriously too much work for me - in fact, it didn't even occur to me - but I'm glad it worked out that way.  This will make a fun sampler quilt too.

CF Bee blocks from Stephanie
I received my first two CF Bee blocks.  I'm going for a Christmas village.  My inspiration was a bunch of Flickr blocks and the song "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas."  I think Stephanie did a great job.  There are also some awesome blocks in the Flickr group pool.  Can't wait to assemble all these and get my "village" built!

Santa Sack Swap from Pauline in the UK

And I received my first installment of Santa Sack Swap goodies from Pauline in the UK.  She is really on the ball, isn't she, considering that I haven't started yet.  The good news is that I do know exactly what I'm going to make.  Better get with it.  Do you know how hard it is to get goodies - especially international goodies - in the mail and not open them?

Aurifil Thread from Leona's Quilting Adventure sponsored giveaway

And believe it or not, I actually won a giveaway.  I have heard so much online about this thread, I was excited to win some to try.   The giveaway was on my friend Leona's blog.  She was my partner in one of my very first swaps - Spicing Up the Kitchen, I think.  Anyway, thank you, Leona.  I guess now I'll have to modify my, "I never win anything" lament to "I seldom win anything."  It's nice to break my losing streak though!

Ah, I love good mail.

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  1. I love the sampler quilt blocks. Those fabrics/colors are fantastic. Congrats on your win, you will have to let us know how you like the Aurofil threads.


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