Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stitch Duchess Pin Cushion Swap

Stitch Duchess Pin Cushion Swap received from Catherine in NZ
I am really enjoying swapping.  I get to make things and try things that I might otherwise not try, and send them to people who will (hopefully) enjoy them, and at the same time I get something fun in the mail that I will enjoy.  Great plan, huh?  A perfect symbiotic relationship.  So awhile back I participated in the Stitch Duchess Pin Cushion Swap.  It was really fun.  I received the above package from my partner, all the way from New Zealand!  There is just something about an international package that makes it even more special and exotic.

And a week or so ago - right at the deadline, in fact - I mailed off my little creation to my partner, who happened to be the Stitch Duchess herself (whose real name, oddly enough, is Wendy too - what are the odds of having 2 swap partners at the same time with the same name as myself?)...

And then, I apparently erased the pictures from my camera.  So if you want to see what I made for her, you'll have to go here.

ETA:  I found the photo of the pinnies I made.

Thanks, Stitch Duchess, for a fun swap!

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