Friday, June 17, 2011

So Far Behind... Big Sewing Weekend Planned

This is the PTS4 pillow I received from Lexiloo in January
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Since BD#1 introduced me to Flickr and swapping last fall, I've been having a great time.  I have had fun making projects for others, and received some awesome things in return.  I have tried things I might never have tried if it hadn't been for the creative challenge of the swap.  My own creativity has been stimulated as I observed what others have done.  It has been a blast.

But, as with so many things in my life, if a little is good, a lot is better.  When I was a kid, my mom would say that my eyes were bigger than my stomach.  I think maybe it's the same principle.

And I didn't expect the distraction of a wedding...  or a second trip to Salt Lake City in less than a month...

And so now I am way behind, and deadlines are looming.

The good news is that I have this weekend to sew, and I am determined to get these projects done on time (the placemat swap is due June 23, but everything else is due July 1). 

Here is my list for the weekend:

1.  Placemat Quilt Swap 6.  This one is new to me and it sounded like so much fun!  My partner keeps sending me teasing emails and even posted a black and white picture of her project, complete with polka dots and stripes, and it has points, similar to a Dresden.  Such a tease!  And I know what I'm going to do - finally - so it's just a matter of sitting down to do it.  Let's just say that I'm thinking "summer"...

2.  Pillow Talk Swap 5.  I loved PTS4, although that was my first "real" swap.  I really struggled with it, and I don't think I would do that project again if I had it to do over, but it was a real learning experience.  I received not one but TWO great pillows from my partner.  Here's the second one...

This is the other pillow I received in PTS4 from my partner, Lexiloo.
3.  Mug Rug Swap Adventure 2.  This is another swap that is new to me, but it sounded like so much fun.  One of my partners from a prior swap is the swap mama.  Mug rugs are amazingly hard for me.  They are so small and look so easy, but their size is deceptive.  But I have an idea for this one too, and just have to execute it in fabric.  For this one, I'm thinking "beach"....

4.  Spicing Up the Kitchen.  I did the first round of this swap and it was a blast. My partner gave some pretty good hints, so I know exactly what I want to do for this one, but my idea seems a little bit challenging, and will require WH's help.  I've been admiring the embroidery hoop clocks - in fact, BD#1 actually received one in a swap and I wanted to swipe it, but restrained myself.  Anyway, I found an awesome tutorial online, and can't wait to try it.  I really struggled with this one last time too, but I'm hoping this time it will go smoothly.

5.  Santa Sack Swap.  This one is not a Flickr swap, but it sounded like so much fun.  You make a large Santa Sack, and two items and send to your partner on July 1st.  Then, 2 items a month until December.  On Christmas Day, your partner gets to open her sack with all her gifts in it.  This one isn't a secret swap, so I'll have to be discrete with the photos and hints.  My partner is Pauline from the UK.  She has already sent me her 1st package, so I really feel like a slacker.

6.  Christmas Fabric Bee.  June was my month for the CF Bee, and I mailed my fabric {almost} on time (it went out June 1st), so that's one I can wait a little bit on.  {The blocks the ladies are making and posting on Flickr are AWESOME!!!  I'm so excited about this quilt.  It is going to be way fun!}  The other QB for June is Julie, and she chose a "village" of trees and houses.  My assignment is a tree block, so that shouldn't be too hard, although she wanted pieced blocks, not appliqued, so that takes a little more thinking maybe.

7.  First Time Bee.  Carol has asked  us to do a black and white block with a pop of color.  I have ideas of what I will do for my two blocks, so it's just a matter of actually doing it.

So, I think that's it.  Over committed?  Undoubtedly.  Insurmountable?  No, I don't think so.

I will say that I have scaled way back for the rest of the summer.  I have a wedding to help organize and a wedding dress to alter, after all.  The good news is that it's too hot to be distracted by ANYTHING that has to do with outside. { It IS Father's Day weekend, and WH probably deserves a bit of attention.  I told him I'd take him to a movie.  And we'll probably do dinner or something easy.}

And I just couldn't resist another round of the Make Mine Modern swap - it was SO much fun last time, but I don't even have my partner for that one yet, so I've got awhile. 

Anyway wish me luck - and a productive weekend.

Happy sewing!


  1. happy sewing! It's a lot but you can do it. I'll be sewing binding...

  2. Wow! You are busy, have fun sewing!


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