Saturday, June 25, 2011

Scrapbuster Saturday - Scrap Vomit Pillow Top

 I've been agonizing over what to make for my Pillow Talk Swap partner this round.  My partner is an awesome quilter, and gave some very specific hints of what she would like in a pillow, including fabrics (none of which I had), size, and colors.  BD#1 was nice enough to hook me up with charm squares of some of the listed fabrics when I was at her house earlier in the month, but I still didn't know what to make.  Then, as we were chatting the other day, she said, "Mom, you should make a scrap vomit pillow.'  I have to tell you that I was somewhat horrified.  The name of the block just wasn't appealing at all. 

BD#1 persevered, however, and directed me to this website.  I have to admit, the quilt is far more appealing than its name.  On the other hand, there was no chance that I would forget it, either, which is a plus.

Scrap vomit is an easy block to put together and frankly, is a lot of fun.  I enjoyed the piecing process on this one.

This is supposed to be a close up of the actual quilting.  Can you see it?  After my frustrating experience with the MIAGIA quilt in this post, my friend Jessica commented and told me about the Free Motion Quilting Project.  What an awesome resource!  The instructions are so clear and easy to follow, and there is a video for each of her quilting designs.  Just watch and do.  This one is a beginner design called Spiral Illusion.  It was really fun.

So, I have the top made.  Just have to put the back on and get this guy in the mail.  I might actually get it done by the deadline.  Amazing!

Meanwhile, if you're in the mood for a giveaway, check out the awesome giveaway on my friend Leona's blog.

Happy quilting!

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  1. Thanks so much for posting the link to the Free Motion Quilting Project. I am new to quilting and honestly the quilting part throws me for a loop every time. I bookmarked her site and will be watching her videos as I learn! I like the stitching you did on your pillow! Very nice!


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