Monday, June 13, 2011

Say "YES" to the Dress

The first dress she tried on - close, but not exactly what she was looking for
You may be wondering where I've been lately.  This poor little blog has been terribly neglected.  Well, in addition to a really busy week at work last week, I left Thursday to fly out to Salt Lake City to help BD#2 make some wedding plans.  Of course, a byproduct of flying standby is never really knowing when you are going to arrive, which always makes things more interesting...

This one was beautiful, but - no
Luckily, I had made some appointments for the afternoon, and people were very supportive and helpful when they found out I was traveling so far and had such a short time - 2-1/2 days - to get everything accomplished.

This one had real possibilities - the French tulle was lovely - but... no
And such was the end of Day 1.

We thought we might have found it at store #2, but...  no.

Store #3 carried only 100% silk gowns and didn't have anything within our budget, but they were very helpful.

Store #4 was very promising, although we got really lost getting there....

I never realized before how exhausting wedding dress shopping could be - even for the one watching!

This one was lovely...  Hated the ruffly thing on the shoulder, though.

This one was very close to what we thought she wanted...

Not really fond of the corset back - it makes even thin girls look not-so-thin.

This one wasn't what we were looking for.


Found it!

Notwithstanding it is 10 sizes too big, it is a one-of-a-kind, and perfect. Lots of work for mom, but...

Just lovely. 


  1. oh she is going to be so beautiful! love all the poufs & ruffles, nice to know there are still girlie girls out there!

  2. Wow, your daughter will be a vision of loveliness in that dress.

  3. Oh those dresses are lovely and she looked great in all of them.


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