Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh - One More Thing!

Awhile back, during Quilt Market, in fact, I completed my Ugly Quilt for the Save the Uglies Quilt Challenge.  I received two pieces of seriously ugly fabric in the mail and the challenge was to make a quilt from these hideous fabrics.

Well, as it turns out, I was the only entrant into the contest.  But, the organizers awarded me a prize anyway, which was a $25 gift certificate to Pink Castle Fabrics.  I had a really fun time shopping and choosing, and this week, I received my package.

And since I'm on something of a fabric diet due to the upcoming wedding (lack of sewing time and hit on the pocketbook), this little treat was especially welcome.  There's some Ruby Star Rising viewfinders (oh, yes, that reminds me of my childhood), some Lizzy House Castle Peeps, some Newsprint, a little Farmdale, and some Heather Ross Mendocino.  All things my LQS doesn't have and super fun!

So, just one more piece of fun mail!

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