Monday, April 7, 2014

A Crazy Weekend Tale... And a Winner Too

I know I'm late posting the winner of the April Showers polka dot bundle, and I'm terribly sorry.  It has been a wild and crazy weekend around the prsd4tim2 household.

I think I mentioned that it was WH's birthday this weekend.  So, we celebrated.  I had a big plan - Friday we would go out for an early dinner, then a movie, then home for cake and presents.  Except that somehow the plans always get altered.  WH didn't feel like a 5pm dinner on Friday, so we put that off until Saturday.  (Clever boy, getting to celebrate his b-day for 2 days, rather than just one!)

So Friday night we headed off to the movie.  We saw God's Not Dead,  a Christian film which, despite the decidedly un-grammatical title, was actually very good.  I always like a good movie that leaves the sex, violence, and innuendo out, and this one was perfect.  Not to mention that the message was something I'd like to see more of.  I honestly hadn't heard of the movie before Friday, but it was very enjoyable.  Afterwards, we decided we were hungry after all (or maybe it was just that it was 9:30 pm), so we had a quick (and cheap) dinner at Steak 'n' Shake.  Then we came home for cake and presents and a FaceTime call with our youngest, who hadn't been able to reach her daddy earlier in the day.

Saturday morning was full of errands (WH didn't tell me until Friday he needs a new suit - and quick!), LDS Conference, and a headache the size of Texas.  We finally did get our fancy dinner (and the best steak in Pensacola) on Saturday evening.  If you ever visit Pensacola, McGuire's is the place to go.  (Yup, those are $1 bills on the ceiling - the tradition is to sign them and hang them anywhere and everywhere; then about once a year they count them - for tax purposes - and move them all higher.)  A bit of local color.

Sunday morning, I had WH at the airport at 5 am and had just come home to take a nap when he said he wouldn't be able to get out of Pensacola, but there were seats on the Gulfport flight.  So we drove to Gulfport.   It's about 120 miles to Gulfport and takes about 2 hours from our house.  Usually when I drive him to Gulfport, I turn around and head right home, but this time something said to hang around, so I had breakfast, and sure enough, before I was finished, he called with the bad news that the Gulfport flights had filled up too (there were more than 30 seats at 8 am!) and he was going to rent a car and drive.  But the only place that had cars was Pensacola.  So we drove home and he finally got on his way about 4 pm, roughly 12 hours after the alarm went off.


And then there was the plowing through 275 emails so I could read all the bloggy comments before I wrapped up this giveaway...  So here I am on Monday afternoon picking the winner of the FQ Bundle of April Showers Dots (kindly supplied by Westwood Acres Fabrics) that I should have done on Saturday.  So sorry.

Cue the drum roll...

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

Timestamp: 2014-04-07 21:43:52 UTC

Who is my good friend Jess from Australia, who said:

Surely I like you on FB! I will go and double check now :)

 So congrats to you, Jess!  I'm off to email you now!  

Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate my Blogiversary!!   I really enjoyed reading everyone's comments about their Easter traditions! 


  1. Congrats to the winner and thanks for the fun.Have a great week!

  2. Thank you so much Wendi! I can't wait to get a squishy package in the mail!


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