Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Equal Time

Now that I've made three princess dresses for the big sister, I decided it was important to give equal time to the young boy in my life.  He is such a joy in my life, even though I don't get to see him often.  I had some left over fabric from two of the princess dresses, so I decided to make him a couple of superhero capes.  This one is Super Britton.  The piece of fabric I had left over was a triangular shape, mostly so I could get as much use out of the small piece as possible.  Keeping it simple, I drew a circle and a "B" to fit inside it.

Very basic, but I don't think elaborate would necessarily have made him happier.

Oh, and I found out something interesting - Wonder Under doesn't work on felt.  Luckily, even though the cape is slippery, felt just naturally kind of stays put, so the fact that the Wonder Under didn't stick wasn't a huge deal.

I had a long, narrow piece of the purple left, so I cut it in half and put a seam down the middle.  I didn't want to use a character logo - I don't think he would recognize them yet anyway, and I wanted this to be something he could use his imagination for.  I started with a double triangle and then added the shaft-like thing.  I was kind of going for a lightning bolt, but when I got it on there, it looked like a fox running to me.  A stretch, I know, but maybe that's ok.  His momma is "A Crafty Fox" after all.

So, equal time for the little boy.  (He really is durned adorable, if you ask me!)

Just to prove Grandma doesn't play favorites.

I can't wait to see him play in them!

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