Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Welcome Wee Ones

I have several friends who are expecting little ones - in fact, one of these sweet little ones was just born yesterday - the first boy after 6 girls!  Woo hoo!  I'm sure his parents are excited.

I missed my friend's baby shower because unfortunately it was the same day as the ECMQG A&E Field Trip (you can read all about it here and here.)  And, of course, I hadn't made the gift yet.  (Don't tell, but I bought the fabric for this one at the A&E field trip.)

It's finished now though, and I delivered it this morning.  I hope little Kai likes it, and that it keeps him warm and snuggly.

The fabric is mostly Tula Pink Salt Water with a few random pieces added.  The pattern is the Charm Baby Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman.  I quilted it with just loops because that was the kind of mood I was in.  Loops are so fast and easy, and you don't really have to think...  and before you know it, it's done.  Especially baby quilts.  I really like making baby quilts.

I also had need to make a girl quilt, and I chose this Swanky jelly roll by Chez Moi that was just sitting on the shelf.  Bright and cheerful and girly without being too pink, don't you think?  The pattern is a new design called Ribbon Candy by Diane of From Blank Pages, and I believe it'll be out very soon.   Diane asked that I not share photos of the full quilt yet, so here's just a snippet of what it looks like.  I really love these fabrics for a baby girl quilt. I quilted it with all-over loops also.  As I said, I was just in that kind of mood.

Sometimes, I really love a quick finish project.  Makes me feel so productive, you know?

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