Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Superheroes and a Princess

I've just returned from StashBash and my daughter and her husband arrived from the Caribbean while I was gone, so life is just slightly crazy right now as I try to catch up on my sleep and entertain the troops and (hopefully) carve out just a teeny bit of sewing/photography time (I have a bee block due tomorrow - yikes!), but I wanted to share these adorable photos my daughter sent of her littles with their presents from grandma!

I love this photo.  Even though I made both capes for Britton, I love that he is sharing and that Abby is wearing one too.  I love that they are holding hands.  I love the picture on the wall above their sweet little heads.  I love how it looks like she is taking such good care of her little brother.  And I love that he has one pants leg up and the other down.  I really just love this photo.

Here's the little guy in his cape working on the puzzle grandma sent with the dress up stuff.  (Doesn't he have the cutest little toes?)  I forgot to take their presents from my visit to St. Maarten when I went last time.

And it seems that Abby's Cinderella dress is a bit big for her (which is odd considering that it's the same pattern as the Elsa dress) and a bit long (not so odd considering that I was going by memory) but the good news is that I'm sure she will grow - and fast!  She seems a bit more reconciled to the photography session this time too, which is nice.

No pictures of Rapunzel yet.  I hope she likes that one too.

And her momma has already ordered fabric for a few more princess dresses. 

Maybe there will be enough fabric for a few more superheroes too.


  1. Beautiful children and lucky to have you as their grandmother. I can tell that you enjoy them so much.

  2. I love britton's feet peeking out from underneath his little cape. he is such a cutie!

    love, arielle

  3. Those kids are cuties! And, I agree, very cute toes.


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