Thursday, April 10, 2014

Strollin' Along

Does your little one have one of these Wal-Mart $10 dolly strollers?  If so, you know that they are a huge hit with the preschool crowd.  Abby got hers for her second birthday.  The metal frame of the stroller is still going strong.

The fabric seat?  Not so much.

When I went to visit when Britton was born, Amanda asked me to make a new stroller seat to fit the frame.

That seat is still going strong - despite the abuse that has been inflicted on it over the past two years.  In fact, you will probably find the stroller the toy of choice at any given moment.  It is just so much fun to push around - whether or not there is anything on the seat.

So, I've made a few additional seat covers and they are listed for sale in my Etsy Shop.  If you have a need for a replacement cover, drop on by.


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