Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mini Quilts

So, have you caught the "make everything tiny" bug???  No it's nothing like the bronchitis I had last month (thank goodness!)

Everyone seems to want to make everything smaller.  Including quilt blocks.

Have you seen the crazy small quilt blocks my lovely daughter has been making??  Oh my gosh, they're adorable!  (But maybe just a mite too small for me, really.)

But I did need a mini quilt for a swap recently and decided to try my hand at one of Camille's adorable little patterns.  This one is the mini Rain Check, and it's free on her blog right now.  And remarkably, I even had an April Showers charm pack sitting around. 

And being as I'm from Seattle originally, I've always been just a little crazy about umbrellas.  And teeny tiny umbrellas are even better.

You know what they say about those of us from Seattle, right?  We don't tan in the summer - we rust!  Bwahahah!  (Sorry.)

These little umbrellas are just adorable, and totally fun to make.  I did have a bit of an issue with the handles, however.  I've always said I have a love/hate relationship with fusible web, and this time was no different.  It just didn't want to bond as well as I thought it should, particularly on these super-tiny pieces.  Next time I may try embroidering the handles, instead of the fusible web.

These little umbrellas are super fun!

Which cute little mini quilt shall I do next?


  1. Seriously cute! I love how you did these! I have to admit, I have really been enjoying the mini minis cropping up all over, like the ones made by Amanda and by Poppy Print. And I love the April Showers too. I'm off to look for that free pattern. I think maybe you should attempt mini Puddle Jumping next, unless you're game for mini dresdens!

  2. yours is so cute! you know I have the bug.... and I think you should do a mini swoon. go on. you know you want to!

  3. Love the little umbrellas! I think you should do the jumping puddles mini :)

  4. Love your mini-quilt, it is too cute.


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